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Hello again everyone!!

August 25, 2011

So I have had a lot of requests for more patterns since I took over Sew Addictive Fabrics and I just couldnt choose what to get in, as they are all lovely and have their own merits, 

SO ………

I thought I would let you all choose for yourselves by way of a Pre order album on the webstore 🙂

There are over 40 patterns for you to choose from 🙂


The Pre order Pattern album will be open on the webstore at 8 p.m. TODAY 25.8.2011

You will be able to place orders until 8 p.m. 1 September 2011 and they must be paid for before Thursday 8 September 2011.

(unless prior arrangements have been made with me)

From there the orders will be collated and ordered from the supplier. Orders generally take 8 – 18 days to arrive in the country but this fluctuates depending on the postal system & customs.

any queries feel free to email me at

You could team these gorgeous patterns up with  fabrics I have available like the ones in the pictures below 😉










I also wanted to take this chance to say a big

THANK YOU to you all!

You have made me feel so welcome and I thank you for all your lovely messages of hello and your support. I am really enjoying my new venture so far and I look forward to many more wonderful times ahead.  


Stay safe and well. Warm regards,

Nicki x


First order of business…a preorder!

August 2, 2011

Hello everybody!

With it being my first week as the owner of SAF I’d like to start off with a bang, so lets jump stright into things with a big fabulous preorder opportunity!


This Thursday night (4th August) from 8pm there will be a large range of fabrics available for preorder in a special category on the website. Ordering will be open for exactly one week until 8pm next Thursday, 11th August with payment to be made on all preorders by Thursday 18th August.


How it works:

For those of you who haven’t joined in on a preorder before it basically means we are ordering in fabric especially for you, so you get exactly what you want and theres no need to ‘fight’ for it 😀 When the fabrics become available on Thursday night you can purchase them in the webstore as you would any other fabric.

Then, once the preorder closes (8pm Thursday 11th August), the orders are collated & sent to our suppliers who will then ship the fabrics from around the world. As soon as these orders arrive they will be sent directly to you – it generally takes from 8-18 days for fabrics to arrive but this all depends on the speed of shipping and customs processing.


and most importantly…What?:

There will be a range of fabrics available including fabrics from the NEW Urban Zoologie , Michael Miller Eco and Metro Market ranges plus many more! See the sweet sample pictures below to tempt your fabric tastebuds and…

Just a few of the new Metro Market range!



The fabulous new ‘Eco’ collection by Michael Miller




some of the many new Urban Zoologie fabrics, cute!


…see you on Thursday night!

🙂 Nicki


New Beginnings

July 31, 2011

Last week was a very exciting one for Bella & I – we went on a road trip up to Hamilton where Nicki (the lovely new SAF owner) is based, to spend some time with her – it was fabulous! Of course I forgot to get a photo of all of us together (slack!), but here is a couple of the actual road trip part…

Bella & I on the snowy Desert Road, Mt Ruapehu so white its barely visible!

Luckily we picked that week as the next week was snowy chaos and we might have been stuck on the Desert Road or sliding around somewhere!

A much needed picnic break along the way!


We spent 5 days with Nicki & her wonderful girls, Bella made friends while Nicki & I went over ‘the ropes’ and I handed over all the fabric and patterns, which was the hardest part hehe. So now, all of your orders are delivered direct from the mighty Waikato! Just remember if you have any queries, requests, suggestions or feedback, just click Get in Touch and get Nicki know!


 As of tomorrow (Monday 1 August) Nicki will be the official owner of Sew Addictive Fabrics, sadly there is no crown to hand over but there is a lot of work so we are both appreciative of our customers patience and support while we go through this transition phase.

Please take note that there is a new bank account for purchase payments, this is updated in the information you receive when placing an order BUT for those of you who have SAF set up as a regular payee you will need to update the details in your bank system 🙂


 There are lots of stunning new fabrics making their way into the store and Nicki also has big plans for exciting things in the near future so make sure you keep an eye out, and give her as much support & laughter as I have always had from each of you.

 It’s been a fabulous rollercoaster ride and I am certainly going to miss a lot of the people I’ve ‘met’ and fabrics I’ve discovered along the way, thank you to all of you for your support while I’ve been operating the business, I have many wonderful memories I’ll never forget!


Take care and never stop creating…. Much love, Hazel

Beautiful Mt Ruapehu on the trip home - we are so lucky!

Sale Alert – the biggest ever on S.A.F.

July 20, 2011

Starting Thursday night at 8p.m NZ time & running for 24 hours, we are having the

BIGGEST sale in Sew Addictive History!!!

Right across the website in every category you will find AMAZING prices –

Fat Quarters starting at just $1.95, 

Organic cottons starting at just $3.00,  

Patterns starting at just $5

Save it to your diary and we will see you there 🙂

Save the date: SALE ALERT!

July 15, 2011

If you caught my last post about the big news then you’ll know theres a sale next week.

8pm sharp, Thursday 21st July 2011, don’t be late.

This is not just any old sale, oh no, this is the biggest sale we have ever had! Fabric will start from JUST $1.95 per fat quarter & patterns fromJUST $5.00! Yes, you read that correctly, we need to clearout to assist the changeover so raid the piggy bank and make the most of it!

To ensure you don’t miss out, put the date in your phone, calendar datebook, email reminder, on the fridge & tell everyone you know to remind you, better yet, just tell everyone to be there. Or…you could make many post-its to remind you & put them all over your lounge like this…



Where? you may ask, well the sale will be run fully across our website – at 8pm the website will change over to show sale prices against all items and from there it will be first in first served. Although I’m sure there will be some banter on our facebook page too, come on by.


For those who haven’t experienced a sale with Sew Addictive Fabrics, (where have you been!), there are some very quick fingers out there, and an item is not yours until you have completed the full checkout process so if someone manages to process their order for the same item first , it will automatically be removed from your shopping cart, just how the technology works – moral of the story, be quick!


So, one more time, just in case…

Yes you neeeeeed more fabric, and if your thinking you don’t, well wanting it is just as valid reason 😉 See you there!

xx Haze

Time for a change.

July 13, 2011

Things have been a little disjointed at SAF lately. You may have noticed the higher level of out of stock fabrics and the lull in our fabulous preorders, not to mention a delay in bringing you another Sew Along…well there is a reason for all of this & I’m excited to finally be sharing this with you…

 Dum dum de duuuuuuuuuuuum:

In the very near future Sew Addictive Fabrics will no longer be run by me, instead it will be passed to the wonderful hands of Nicki Fraser!

Nicki currently runs The Elephants Tea Party and is an avid sewer & definite fabric addict! I have no doubt that she will more than fill my shoes & things will start to improve and get much more exciting for all of you who follow SAF.

For those of you who wonder why the change, I give you this quote by Robert C. Gallaghar…

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” 

Hehe, no seriously, its just time for a change, while I adore this business and have enjoyed putting blood (rotary cutters are sharp), hours (many) and tears (beautiful fabric will drive you to it!) into it, my family & myself have long been on the back burner and its just time for me to change that. I adore & appreciate all of my fabulous likers & customers so much; I have learnt all sorts from many of you & made some true friends along the way…

Time for more of this...


But this is not goodbye just yet! We are currently working through the logistics of changing over so I shall be around for a wee while. While this is happening stock levels & range won’t be at their best but we appreciate your patience as this will come right and…it gives us an excuse to have our biggest ever sale!


The sale is planned for next Thursday 21st July so start saving your pennies  as it will be mammoth (short payment options will be available with prior arrangement) and save the date, more details will be coming in the next few days.

An exact date for the changeover is yet to be set but when it is you will all be the first to know, for now I will still be the one communicating to you all but lovely Nicki will be learning behind the scenes and will start to correspond with you as things flow on…bring it on, soooooo many good things to come!


meanwhile I hope your all warm & safe in your different parts of the country, I say this as a loud thunderstorm rumbles overhead and rain lashes against the windows…I love thunrderstorms but feel for those of you have had enough of mother nature lately…

take care  x Haze

June 24, 2011

The creative world is full of talented, generous people – this was never more evident to me than when I had a small part in Handmade for Christchurch and witnessed the sheer enormity of donated handcrafted items in support of our fellow kiwis, from nationally & around the globe.

I’ve been reminded of this again when ‘speaking’ to a lovely customer Yumiko Olliver-Gray, who is running tandem projects for Japan and Christchurch.

‘From NZ with Love’ aims to collect goods that will provide warmth and cheer to the people of Japan who have lost everything & have a long road ahead to recovery. Yumiko is asking for anyone who can to create smallish items that can be posted ie socks, beanies, finger puppets or anyone who can donate  supplies to help with creating to do so.

Items need to be ready for sending by November 10th 2011 so they can be sent to Japan before the harsh winter hits. See this page on Yumiko’s blog for full details.

Running alongside this mission is the sister project for Christchurch called ‘Christmas4Christchurch’ – Families in need are currently being identified and they will be receiving Christmas care packages with something for each family member as well as some good Christmas food as well! While Christmas may seem awhile away, its really not when it takes time to organise such a special mission. The basic details are here as it is still being pulled together but please get in touch with Yumiko if you an help in anyway or know a particular family in need!

Now, lastly…a 100 in 100 days challenge has been launched to help generate donations towards these two special missions, they are currently at 9 so have 81 to go! – they have a facebook page so please pop over & like them and see how you can contribute to making a difference in someones life, in any way, big or small!

Click for a sock knitting pattern in 3 sizes!

I have a bag of wool that can be knitted up (I can’t knit!) so will be donating that to someone who can knit it up fast into warm thing to go to Japan, if thats you let me or Yumiko know, and if you have wool, warm fabrics or anything else on the lists that you could donate or create into something, please do…

…as time passes many of us get to continue on with life as normal, we need to remember those who don’t and continue sharing our aroha & support in any way we can

love to you all, Haze x